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We wish to acknowledge

Bonnie Rucobo, Public Relations/Community Liaison for the Albuquerque Human Rights
Office developed and made major contributions to Reflections on Black Heritage in New
Mexico. Diversity Consultant Tonya Covington and Real Estate Broker Lovie McGee
wrote sections of the booklet on the African America Museum and Cultural Center of
New Mexico and housing discrimination, respectively.

Frank J. Miranda, former Albuquerque Human Rights Office Director and a founder of
the New Mexico Human Rights Coalition, provided technical knowledge and assistance.

Special thanks also go to the many people who granted interviews, generated material for this booklet, and provided further technical assistance. They include: Dr. Charles
Becknell, Sr., Gertrude Boyer, Brenda Dabney, Judith Harris, Ronald Hinson, Joycelyn
Pegues-Jackson, Frank Jerabek, Rena Paris-Bendaw, Myrtle Phillips, Josef Powdrell,
Carnis Salisbury, Mona Utter, Ronald Wallace, and Dr. Cortez Williams.

The Albuquerque Human Rights Office published this booklet as part of its Diversity
Recognition Program.

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