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Introduction & Acknowledgments

This booklet is intended to give a brief introduction to the experiences of people of Asian and Pacific Island Heritage in Albuquerque. It is not an attempt to survey every country or culture of Asia or the Pacific. The particular ethnicities represented in this booklet were based on the most populous Asian and Pacific Island American groups in Albuquerque. It was impossible to include every group, every organization, or every individual who has contributed to New Mexico.

Asian and Pacific Island Americans are as diverse between and within their national origins as all other Americans. Each section is meant to stand alone and should not be compared to any other section.

Every section begins with a history of how people from a particular place in the world came to be intertwined in the history of the United States, New Mexico, and Albuquerque. Every section ends with a very short description of cultural traditions or holidays that are commonly celebrated in the United States. This is by no means a comprehensive account of the heritage or culture of any people, but it was designed to give the readers a “taste” of Asian and Pacific Island cultures in the hope that they would want to learn more for themselves about the incredible richness of Asia and the Pacific.



The Human Rights Office would like to thank the following for their invaluable help in preparing this booklet:

Dr. Dely Alcantara
Carolyn Chan
Dr. Tony Chan
Esther Churchwell
Tessie Ordoña Greenfield
Rebecca Kim
Victor Limary and Talin World Food Fare
Bobbie Nobles
Aimee Tang and Fremont’s Fine Foods
Sei Tokuda
Ann Tran
Dr. Jennifer Yazawa

Albuquerque Historical Society
Arts Alliance Heritage Council
Asian American Association of New Mexico
Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Albuquerque Lodge
Filipino American National Historical Society, Rio Grande Chapter
New Mexico Japanese American Citizens League

Note: Every attempt was made by the authors and editors to ensure accuracy and sensitivity. It is impossible to recall in this brief booklet all of the countless Asian and Pacific Islander Americans who have made and continue to make contributions to New Mexico and the United States.

This booklet was written and edited for the City of Albuquerque Human Rights Office by Amanda Searcy, Community Liaison and Joanna Miller, Special Projects Assistant.

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