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Ethics Training List: Pilot Program

View the City of Albuquerque employees who have undergone ethics training.
Name Title Ethics Training Material
Kathleen Ahghar Asst City Attorney Completed
Jorja Armijo-Brasher Director Completed
Rogelio Banez Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Isaac Benton City Councilor Completed
Jennifer Bradley Asst City Attorney Completed
Nicholas Bullock Asst City Attorney Completed
Lindsay Burkhard Council Policy Analyst Completed
Rebekka Burt Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Paul Caster Deputy Director-AW Completed
Aziza Chavez Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Joseph Christman Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Dayna Crawford Deputy Director-Transit Completed
Kristin Dalton Asst City Attorney Completed
Patrick Davis City Councilor Completed
Mark DiMenna Deputy Director/EHSE Completed
David Downey Fire Chief-40 HR Completed
John Dubois Asst City Attorney Completed
Gorden Eden Chief of Police Completed
Dawn Emillio Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Celina Espinoza Communications&CommOutreachDir Completed
Scott Esposito Deputy Fire Chief - 56 HR Completed
Michael Fondino Asst City Attorney Completed
Sean Foran Council Policy Analyst / Plan Completed
Kellie Garcia Asst City Attorney Completed
Eric Garcia Deputy Chief Completed
Tomothy Gonterman APD Deputy Chief I/Major Completed
Curtis Green Assistant Fire Chief - 40 HR Completed
Jon Griego Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Donna Griffin Asst City Attorney Completed
Stephanie Griffin Asst City Attorney Completed
Edward Harness CPOA Director Completed
Donald Harris City Councilor Completed
Jessica Hernandez City Attornry Completed
Natalie Howard City Clerk Completed
Tyson Hummell Asst City Attorney Completed
Karl Isselhard Deputy Chief-40 HR Completed
Jenica Jacobi Asst City Attorney Completed
Trudy Jones City Councilor Completed
Melissa Kountz Asst City Attorney Completed
Mary Leonard Director Completed
Dan P. Lewis City Councilor Completed
Eric Locher Asst City Attorney Completed
Melissa Lozoya Acting Director/DMD Completed
Suzanne Lubar Director Completed
Sara Mancini Council Neighborhood Serv Mgr Completed
Dave Mathews Deputy Director Cultural Completed
Jeffery McDonald Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Thomas Menicucci Council Policy Analyst II Completed
Michael Miller Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Rachel Miller Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Nancy Montano Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Gilbert Montano Chief of Staff/Deputy CAO Completed
Julian Moya Council Spec Proj Analyst Completed
Danny Nevarez Deputy Director/EHSE Completed
Gary Oppedahl Director Completed
Crystal Ortega Clerk Of The Coun/Leg Completed
Victor Padilla Assistant Fire Chief - 40 HR Completed
Olivia Padilla-Jackson Deputy Director/DFAS Completed
Klarissa Pena City Councilor Completed
Robert Perry Chief Admin Officer Completed
Peter Pierotti Asst City Attorney Completed
Danny Placencio Deputy Director/Family Completed
Keith Reed Deputy Director-Parks & Rec Completed
Randy Remiker Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Michael Riordan Chief Operations Officer Completed
Bruce Rizzieri Director Completed
Shane Rodgers Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Annabelle J. Romero Deputy Director - Offc D&HR Completed
Elaine Romero Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Jason Romney Org Learning Analyst II Completed
William Roseman Deputy Chief Completed
Ken Sanchez City Councilor Completed
Gilbert Santistevan Deputy Chief - 40 HR Completed
Rhiannon Schroeder Director Of Communications Completed
shanna Schultz Council Policy Analyst / Plan Completed
Mary Scott Director Completed
Michael Silveria Deputy Fire Chief - 56 HR Completed
Gregory Smith Deputy Director-Municipal Dev Completed
John Soladay Director Completed
Christopher Sylvan Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Barbara Taylor Director Completed
Nicole Taylor Council Policy Analyst II Completed
Christopher Tebo Asst City Attorney Completed
Loc Truong Deputy Director/HR Completed
Jessica Tyler APD Deputy Chief I/Major Completed
Tisha Walker Asst City Attorney Completed
Andrew Webb Council Policy Analyst / Plan Completed
Zachary Wesley Lieutenant Completed
Brennon Williams Assoc Director Planning Completed
Bradley Winter City Councilor Completed
Stephanie M. Yara Council Finance Officer Completed
Jane Yee Asst City Attorney Completed
Debra Yoshimura Internal Audit Director Completed
Jon K. Zaman Director Completed
Peter Ambs Dir Of Dept of Tech & Inn/CIO Completed
Richard Berry Mayor Completed
Douglas Chaplin Director Completed
Jeffrey Diriggers Asst City Attorney Completed
Diane Dolan Council Policy Analyst / Term Completed
Dana Feldman Director Completed
Deirdre Firth Deputy Dir Of Economic Develop Completed
Diane Gibson City Councilor Completed
Arturo Gonzalez Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Seth Grant Asst City Attorney Completed
Philomena Hausler Asst City Attorney Completed
Kyle Hibner Asst City Attorney Completed
Jim Hinde Director Completed
Robert Huntsman Assistant Police Chief Completed
Jeremy McRae Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Frank Mirabal Community Outreach Director Completed
Kevin Morrow Asst City Attorney Completed
Donovan Olvera Deputy Chief II/Commander Completed
Carol Parker Asst City Attorney Completed
Alexandria Salazar Deputy Communications Director Completed
Jack Scherer Assoc Director Planning Completed
Ian Stoker Asst City Attorney Completed
Blake Whitcomb Asst City Attorney Completed
Lou Hoffman Director Completed
Samantha Hults Asst City Attorney Completed
Dodi Camacho Deputy Chief II/Commander Not completed
Daniel Dietz Asst City Attorney Not completed
Marshall Katz Aviation Police Chief Not completed
Nickolas Martinez Police Officer 1/C Not completed
Anthony Montano APD Deputy Chief I/Major Not completed
Natasha Wesenberg Asst City Attorney Not completed