Guidelines for Healthy Food in Office Celebrations & Potluck Sign-up Sheets

In an effort to create a health worksite culture, Guidelines for Healthy Food in Office Celebrations were developed with employee input.

Eating Healthy at Work - Dr. Julia Bain interviews Lisa Gatan, MS and Liz Chavez MS, MCHES

1. Make colorful fruits and vegetables half of all food offerings.

2. Offer smaller portions of foods.

3. Offer foods low in solid fats, added sugars, and sodium.

4. Offer more whole-grain foods.

5. Make water more available.

6. Consider eliminating unnecessary snacks, such as candy dishes.

Thirteen themed potluck sign-up sheets were created to help employees implement the Guidelines.  Each potluck is designed for about 20 employees.  If you have fewer or more than 20 employees, see the "Build Your Own" potluck.



Breakfast Potluck

Build your own Potluck

Fourth of July Potluck

Frozen Yogurt Potluck

Greek Potluck

Happy Birthday Potluck

Holiday Potluck

Kid Friendly Potluck

Nut Butter Potluck

Retirement Potluck

Summer Picnic Potluck

Taco Day Potluck

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