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Pay & Benefits

The Albuquerque Fire Department offers competitive salaries and benefits for its dedicated workforce.

Pay Scale
Firefighter cadet (18 weeks) $9.18 per hour
Probationary Firefighter (1 year) $9.47 per hour
Firefighter 1/C $16.00 per hour
Rank differential 10% between ranks up to rank of Captain
Specialty Pay (Eligible Upon Completion of Probation)
Paramedic $84 per pay period
+5.8 percent rescue assignment pay
Dispatch, Arson, FMO, Academy, Administration $50 per pay period
Bi-lingual pay $9.23 per pay period
Wildland Pay $15.00 per pay period
Work Hours
Duty hours for Albuquerque Firefighters are 48 hours in duration. There are three shifts (A, B, C). Each works one 48-hour shift with four days off between shifts. Work hours differ for personnel assigned to support functions.
Employee Benefits
Longevity pay (after 8 years service with AFD.) Based on continuous years of service with the Albuquerque Fire Department
Health and dental insurance; Life insurance; Eleven paid holidays per year; Tuition reimbursement; Academic incentive pay; On-going training opportunities.
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