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RFP Checklist

The follow documents are normally required as part of the proposal packet.

Please refer to the specific RFP for submission requirements. Click on the Administrative Requirements page to download forms.

  • Acknowledgment of Amendments to the RFP
  • Proposal Summary and Certification Form (APP#1) completed and signed by an authorized official.
  • Project Narrative (maximum 10 pages)
  • Applicant Work Program Summary (APP#7)
  • Budget Forms
  • Cost Reimbursement Budget
    • Expense Summary Form  (APP #2)
    • Revenue Summary Form (APP #3)
    • Project Budget Detail Form -- Personnel  (APP #4)
    • Project Budget Detail Form -- Operating Costs (APP #5)
    • Budget Detail Form: Projected Drawdown Schedule (APP #6)
  • Resumes of key personnel or job descriptions of unfilled positions
  • List of references, including name of organization, contact person and telephone number, to verify performance history and customer satisfaction
  • Copy of the organization’s most recent audit
  • Attachments on File (APP#9)
  • Certificate of Non-Profit Incorporation
  • Organization’s Articles of Incorporation filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  • Copy of current by-laws
  • Relevant licenses to operate as a business
  • Listing of current board members
  • Current organizational chart
  • Copy of the organization’s travel reimbursement policies, if travel funds are requested
  • Copy of the organization’s written accounting policies and procedures, which include procurement procedures
  • Copy of the organization’s personnel policies and procedures
  • Copy of the organization’s conflict of interest policy
  • Certificate of Good Standing and Comparison issued by the State of New Mexico
  • Representations and Certifications (APP#8)
  • Drug Free Work Place Requirement Certification Form (APP#10)
  • Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Exclusion Certification (APP #11)