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Girl Scout Troop Helps Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere in the City’s Emergency Winter Shelter

Good Samaritan: Girl Scout Troop 47

Albuquerque- Today, the City of Albuquerque recognized Girl Scout Troop 47 for their selfless actions in donating their time and talents to make the city’s West Side Winter Shelter feel more like home to its visitors.

This past summer, Sarai Rankin, Naomi Rankin, Samantha Multari, Marisa Sala, Arianna Fernandez, and Dayci Dozhier collectively spent 167 hours creating a library and painting murals and transitional ribbons on the white walls of the West Side Winter Shelter. The goal of the troop was to make the space more livable and less institutional for those seeking refuge during the freezing winter months. The completed project boasts 19 murals, 14 transitional ribbons between the murals, and a library containing books and videos for families to entertain children.

During the 2015/2016 winter season, in partnership with the Albuquerque Rescue Mission, the shelter was open 124 days hosting an average of 232 men, women and children a night. The city provides more than $1.3 million annuals to six different shelters throughout the course of the year, including this city owned facility, previously used as a jail.  Prior to the Girl Scout’s involvement, the walls were bland, and plain, not offering a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Now, due to the thoughtfulness of these teens, the space is now much more welcoming and comfortable for guests.

Girl Scout Troop 47 chose to spend part of their summer vacation to help make a more comfortable living space to those in need. These girls are an excellent example of the kind of giving and gracious attitude Albuquerque’s youth possesses. It is for these reasons that they are being recognized as City of Albuquerque Good Samaritans.