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Home Owner Rehabilitation Program

City of Albuquerque
Office of Neighborhood Revitalization
700 4th SW, Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 767-5825

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The City of Albuquerque's Office of Neighborhood Revitalization provides 0% interest housing rehabilitation loans to qualified homeowners. These loans allow homeowners to address code violations that make homes unsafe, unhealthy and unlivable.Some of these loans are forgivable and some of them need to be paid back depending on the owner’s income level.

Questions? Call (505) 767-5825

What Home Improvements Are Eligible?

Home repairs that will bring the home up to code are eligible for housing rehabilitation loans.Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical, heating or plumbing installations
  • Hot water heaters
  • Roofs
  • Replacement windows
  • Lead Based Paint Testing and Abatement

Who is Eligible?

Generally, you may qualify for a housing rehabilitation loan if:

  • You own and occupy a home within the municipal boundaries of the City of Albuquerque and you have lived in the house as your primary residence forat least one year prior to application;
  • Your home has code violation(s) and must be in such condition that it ispossible to bring it up to Office of Neighborhood RevitalizationConstruction Standards;
  • Your property taxes are paid up-to-date;
  • Your title to the house is insurable under a mortgagee title of insurance; and
  • Your household income does not exceed the federal guidelines which are subject to change.

2012 Income Guidelines

Household Size Gross Household Income Cannot Exceed
1 $34,650
2 $39,600
3 $44,550
4 $49,500
5 $53,500
6 $57,450
7 $61,400
8 $65,350

The Office of Neighborhood Revitalization will examine your income and property to determine if you and your house qualify for housing rehabilitation loan assistance.

How Does the Loan Program Work?

The first step is to complete an inquiry which may be accomplished over the phone (767-5825) or on-line at this website. Generally, during the inquiry, you will be told if you qualify preliminarily, whether funding is available and if applications are being accepted.If you fill out the inquiry form on-line, we will call you within 24 hours of regular business hours and let you know what we determine. If funding is not currently available, your name will be kept on the inquiry list. Once funding becomes available, you will be asked to submit an application. Depending on the number of applicants and funding, applications may be ranked according to number of code violations, the age of household members and income level to determine order of services.

The Office of Neighborhood Revitalization works with a Job Order Contractor which is a construction company with licensed contractors and sub-contractors who perform the rehabilitation work. An independent inspector and Rehabilitation Staff oversee the construction work. You will be asked to move out of your house while the work is in progress and you must pack all your belongings, store them and find a place to live. The work may take up to three months to complete.

A lien is placed on your house for the amount of the loan.For each of the available loan products, the homeowner must live in the house as his or her primary residence and abide by the terms of the loan.Our loan products and application process will be explained to you by Rehabilitation Staff

Loan Limits and Terms

The Office of Neighborhood Revitalization offers a variety of 0% interest loans to qualified homeowners. Depending on your income level, Rehabilitation Staff will explain the loan limits and terms which apply to you.Homeowners are encouraged to ask questions and fully understand all aspects of the housing rehabilitation process before any funds are committed. For all loans, a lien in the amount of the loan is placed on the property.

Other Housing Programs Available and Further Information

The Office of Neighborhood Revitalization works with other organizations to implement emergency minor home repairs and retrofit programs to qualified homeowners. Depending on funding available, some homeownership and rental opportunities may be available through our Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Please call (505) 767-5825 for further information.