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Quarterly Report Regulations Program Progress Report - Part B

According to the Administrative Requirements for Contracts Awarded under the City of Albuquerque, Section 6.3.4 Report on Project Activities, (a) as required by the Department, but no less than quarterly, contractors shall submit a summary report on progress toward meeting the measurable objectives included in the Work Plan on forms specified by the Department; (b) Performance reports must, at a minimum provide: [1] a comparison of actual accomplishments to objectives established for the period; [2] a narrative explanation of outreach activities used to increase services to the community conditions affecting contract performance. Problems, delays, or adverse conditions which have impaired the ability of the project to meet objectives if they were not met; why no activity is being reported and any pertinent information related to contract performance. The appropriate form to use is the Program Progress Report. Because this form is unique to each project, your Program Specialist will give it to you. If you need additional copies, please contact your Program Specialist. The agency must also submit the Program Progress Report - Part B form to report program progress in a narrative form.

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