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Vehicles Requiring Emission Testing

List of vehicles that are required to be tested.

Bernalillo County Emissions Test Requirements

  • 1983 and newer vehicles up to 10,000 lbs. GVWR must be tested every two years.
  • Hybrid-Electric Vehicles - Must be tested every two years.
  • Commuter Vehicles - All vehicles entering Albuquerque/Bernalillo County 60 or more days a year must be tested.
  • Change in Vehicle Ownership - You must have a valid test certificate to register your vehicle. Vehicles tested in the previous 90 days before the ownership change can receive a free retest at the VPMD testing facility at 1500 Broadway NE.

According to TRD Publication 18.18 & 18.19 NMAC [Articles 1 through 8, Chapter 66 NMSA 1978]. - 66-3-7.1 REGISTRATION OF VEHICLE EMISSION INSPECTION TEST REQUIRED - Bernalillo County residents are not allowed to register vehicles that are subject to testing in counties which do not conduct vehicle testing. It is a misdemeanor crime for vehicle owners to register their vehicles in non-testing counties for the purpose of evading a vehicle emissions test.