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Energy Management

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Energy Management provides service and assistance by developing innovative and practical approaches to energy management. Reducing operating costs of municipal and other operations by improving energy efficiency, developing alternative energy programs, monitoring rates and energy consumption, evaluating and developing energy policies are some of the methods used. The goal of this program is to improve Albuquerque's "quality of life" while reducing the use of noerenewable resources.

The Energy Management staff is proud of their continuous commitment to save energy and educate citizens and employees in managing energy. For specific information on energy related topics see list below, click on the respective link for more details.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Analysis Tools

Alternative Energy Programs

Vehicle Fuels – In 1994, the City of Albuquerque joined with the Department of Energy Clean Cities program, which develops public/private partnerships to promote alternative fuels and vehicles, fuel blends, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, and idle reduction. Please visit the Clean Cities Leaving, click for disclaimer. site to learn more about new fuel technologies and vehicles.

Also some local agencies for the following:


Public Technology Institute Leaving, click for disclaimer.
NM Energy Mineral & Natural Resources Department Leaving, click for disclaimer.

New Mexico Association of Energy Engineers contact: