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How it Works

Additional details about the Efficiency, Stewardship & Accountability program.

How to Report a Tip

Team Efficiency Bonus

City of Albuquerque employees who suggest money-saving ideas are eligible for the Team Efficiency Bonus.

All Efficiency ideas are welcome. Supervisor approval isn't needed.

The City's Efficiency Advisory Committee will review suggestions for viability and cost savings.

Employees who submit cost-saving efficiency ideas are eligible for a team bonus of up to $1,000 value.

How to Apply

To apply for a Team Efficiency Bonus of up to $1,000 value, send your cost-savings ideas to [email protected] or complete the Tip & Reporting Form.

Investigators need your tips and concerns to help curb abuse, fraud and waste. Your help could save the City money, time and valuable resources.

ESA Reporting Process

The Inspector General receives all tips.

Tips of Efficiency are forwarded to the City's Efficiency Advisory Committee for evaluation and validation. Each efficiency report is evaluated and considered for a Team Efficiency Bonus.

Tips of Stewardship & Accountability concerns are investigated by the Inspector General.

Needed Information

To properly evaluate tips, investigators need facts and details about the situation.

When reporting a tip, please provide as much specific information as possible. Include:

  • Names of people and departments involved
  • Times and dates
  • Vendors' names, check numbers, amounts, etc.
  • The process or situation that could be made more efficient or effective to save money

It is helpful if we have an overview from you that give a "big picture" view of your concerns.

Anonymous Tips

You may remain anonymous for all tips, whether tips are about Efficiency or about Stewardship & Accountability.

However, tips submitted about improved Efficiency must have employee contact information for the tip to be eligible for the Team Efficiency Bonus.

All tips are taken seriously.