Featured band of the week: Justin Hood

Indie Hip-Hop artist Justin Hood is the Albuquerque Music Office's featured Musician of the Week for Nov. 14, 2011.

Musician of the Week: Justin Hood



Justin Hood hiding face

J.Hood was brought up with Southwest style and old-fashioned tendencies that transcend his craft. Hood's late grandmother, Elsie Jo, brought him up with big band standards and big city antics. "I remember the days of rainy weather and long hours inside watching the Dean Martin show with Grandma Jo," Hood says.

He thanks every hour his grandmother forced him to watch that show, as he subconsciously paralleled Martin's crooner-like characteristics with the explosive stage presence J.Hood conveys in his live performances.

Between the here and now, J.Hood has skimmed the depths of various genres including, hip-hop, electronica, rock, folk and traditional standards to mention a few. He is a vocalist, DJ, and producer under several aliases that appeal to his wandering musical taste.

His most recent work The Falling Season, is a beautifully woven album that identifies with the soul's soundscape. The Falling Season is a mix of down-tempo melodies, hip-hop bangers threaded by conscious and compelling lyrics.

J.Hood's crave to be in a constant creative flux has made it intriguingly difficult to classify his style or himself as an individual. Despite his steadfast soul-searching, J.Hood is a genuine rhythm of originality within a humdrum industry.

See Justin Hood LIVE in CONCERT!! @ the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Benefit:

  • Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011 @ the Launchpad / 618 Central Ave. SW / $7 / Doors @ 8PM / This is a 21+ event.
  • Performing with Justin Hood will be Olivia Gatwood, a local Albuquerque poet who took 3rd in the world at the Brave New Voices Poetry Festival in Los Angeles, California.
  • Visit Hold My Ticket to purchase tickets and for more information about the show.
  • Visit Justin Hood's website www.soundclubrecords.com
  • Check out Justin Hood's Myspace page to hear more from this amazing artist!