Featured band of the week: Concepto Tambor

The Afro-beat, Drum & Bass, Latin group Concepto Tambor is the Albuquerque Music Office's featured Band of the Week for Nov. 21, 2011.

Concepto Tambor

Concepto Tambor originated in New Mexico in 2000 as a musical project among local drummers and percussionists from the rock scene in Albuquerque. The idea was to create an all drum and percussion troupe that blends Afro-Latin grooves, call and response style of singing and chanting combined with a rock-and-roll attitude for a raw and energetic performance which has evolved over the years. The music of Concepto Tambor carries the ancient spirit of collective celebration, helping to bridge imaginary barriers among musicians, dancers and fans in the crowd, melding music from our roots with music the music of our present. The band has members from very diverse musical and cultural backgrounds -from Peru, USA, Mali (Africa), Ecuador, and Chile.

The six members currently spend their time between Southern California and New Mexico. There are satellite members from all over as well, and of late they have been incorporating some melodic instruments into our set spicing up the big drum sound with some decorated players of bass, guitar, saxophone and more.

Concepto Tambor won the 2003 New Mexico Showcase. They have shared the stage with such internationally known artists as Lila Downs, Los Mocosos, Buju Banton, Quetzal, John Trudell, War and Eek-a-Mouse. Live performance is truly the only way to experience this highly dynamic, un-definable act. If you haven't seen Concepto live you are missing out! Currently taking frequent trips from The Land Of Enchantment/Entrapment NM to share stages in The Land Of Enhancement CA, Concepto Tambor brings vision to the universal language of primal music which translates into the movement of hips everywhere.....

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