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Annual IRB Report Page 1

IRB Reporting has closed for 2011.

The City of Albuquerque requires that bond recipients complete an Annual Report for each year that the bonds are in effect. Information gathered from the reports is used to gauge the effectiveness of the Industrial Revenue Bond and Metropolitan Redevelopment Bond program and its affect on jobs in Albuquerque.

This information is reported to the Mayor's Office and the City Council.

The IRB / MRB Program is administered by the City's Economic Development Department. Questions can be directed to (505) 768-3270.

Company Information
List non-proprietary types of goods and services that your company has purchased outside of New Mexico that could possibly be purchased in-state given a qualified supplier. Where possible, indicate why each purchase was not made in-state. This information will be used to develop an Issuer-sponsored program to increase the local supplier base and opportunities to support your company and other local businesses. NOTE: This information is being collected as part of the terms specified in the IRB Lease Agreements.
NTTCs (Non Taxable Transaction Certificates) can only be used to purchase equipment with original IRB proceeds and must be concluded prior to project completion date. Provide a list of equipment purchased with your IRB NTTCs during the past year, if applicable (attach list).