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Finance Recognizes Military Veteran Employees

At least two dozen employees of the City's Finance and Administrative Services Department are veterans of the U.S. military.

Their service to the nation spans decades, from the Vietnam War through Afghanistan. As military veterans, their work continues as public servants with the City of Albuquerque's finance department.

On May 8, 2013, officials with the Finance and Administrative Services Department recognized two dozen employees with the shared background of military service. Former airmen, guardsmen, Marines, reservists, sailors, and soldiers who now call themselves City workers shared their personal stories about their military pasts.

Past & Present

Many recalled making the transformation in their personal lives from rambunctious youth to adults. Others talked about being stationed domestically or overseas. Some talked about combat and losing buddies.

"New Mexico's military veterans are a rich and distinct group defined by the state’s diversity," Finance Director Lou Hoffman, a Army veteran of the Vietnam War, said. "They also make great employees because they are mature, well trained, and team players."

Veterans working for Finance comprise 7 percent of department's workforce, Hoffman said.

Veterans Coin

Each veteran recognized May 8 received a City of Albuquerque Employee Veterans Coin as a token of appreciation for their service. "Challenge coins" are part of a military tradition dating back to World War I.

Event Slideshow

Images from the May 8, 2013, event inside the Vincent E. Griego City Council Chambers.