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Reptiles & Amphibians Featured at Zoo Discovery Day


Learn all about "Scales, Scutes & Skins" on January 19.

Reptiles & Amphibians Featured at Zoo Discovery Day

A young alligator will visit the Scales, Scutes & Skins Discovery Day. Photo courtesy of ABQ BioPark.

Visit the Zoo's Colores Education Building on Saturday, January 19 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. for Scales, Scutes & Skins Discovery Day. Learn about delicate scales of a snake, keratin-based scutes [skyoots] of turtle shells and the smooth skin of frogs. The event is included with regular admission, which is 50% off since it is Half-Price Weekend.

Posters, fun facts and "Did you know?" trivia will decorate the Colores Education building. Discovery stations featuring biofacts, like skeletons and skins, will lead guests on a fun exploration of reptile and amphibian adaptations. Guests can also make take-home crafts inspired by these amazing creatures.

"Scales, Scutes and Skins is an especially exciting occasion, because visitors will have the opportunity to talk to our experts on Komodo dragons, alligators, frogs and other animals," said Sarah Haft, Zoo Education Specialist. "Guests can meet live animals, find out about conservation efforts and learn about current research being conducted by BioPark herpetologists."

Reptile and amphibian enthusiasts can ask their most pressing questions and talk to the BioPark's reptile and amphibian experts from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Colores Education building. A baby gator, gopher snake, corn snake, salamander and bearded dragon will also make special appearances during this time.

Throughout January, BioPark Education highlights herptiles to celebrate the Year of the Snake, a year-long effort by conservation groups to raise awareness about reptiles and amphibians. Hop over to Amphibians: Life on a Limb to glimpse beautiful poison dart frogs and giant African toads. Then meet cobras, Komodo dragons and rare Chinese alligators in the Reptile House. On January 26, visit the Aquarium for Sea Turtle Awareness Day to help us wrap up herp month at the BioPark.

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