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Birds of the Americas

Meet Americas' More Colorful Residents in this New Exhibit!

Hyacinth Macaws

American Bird Facts

  • Hyacinth macaws have scaly tongues to help scrape fruit pulp into their mouths.
  • Roadrunners are members of the cuckoo family.
  • Sun conures spend many hours in their nest, even when not breeding.
  • Threats to most exotic birds: habitat destruction, climate change and the pet trade.

Birds of North and South America have amazing adaptations that allow them to thrive in many different ecosystems, from lush rainforests to dry deserts and open grasslands to piney mountains.

The Geraldine Johnson Birds of the Americas exhibit is home to several North and South American birds, including the beautiful hyacinth macaw, the sociable sun conure and the native roadrunner. Burrowing owls will live here in the future. (They're raising a chick right now, so can't be moved!)

  • Discover bird adaptations from around the American continents.
  • Check back regularly for new bird facts.
  • Learn how you can help exotic and local birds.


 Roadrunner_Wayne Dumbleton/Flickr

A roadrunner. Photo courtesy of Wayne Dumbleton/Flickr.

Sun Conure by Hans Hillewaert

Sun conures. Photo courtesy of Hans Hillewaert.