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Cat Walk

Lions and tigers and…kangaroos? Oh my!

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When visiting...

  • Walk under the prowling mountain lions from North America.
  • Catch a glimpse of our young Asian snow leopards.
  • Listen to the roar of an African lion.
  • Look for the ocelot from South America hidden in the brush.
  • Meet an African-crested porcupine out on a walk.
  • Watch rock hyraxes scale a miniature cliff, see meerkats keeping guard over their burrows, and look for a baby joey in a kangaroo’s pouch.

The Cat Walk exhibit features felines, plus a few other animals, from around the world. stroll through the covered path to find great horned owls, bobcats, tigers, snow leopards and more.

    Although these cats come from different places, they have a few things in common. They are excellent hunters with sharp claws and teeth, keen eyesight, acute hearing and sensitive whiskers. Many are nocturnal and most are solitary.

    Our Actions Matter

    All large cats are endangered in the wild, and several species are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, poaching for furs and the pet trade. You can help support wild cats by making simple choices:

    • Spread the word: Learn as much as you can about wildcats and the challenges they face in the wild, and share that information with others.
    • Support wildcat initiatives: By donating to a wildcat conservation group, you can help protect wild cats from poaching and protect their habitat from urban development and farming.
    • Become a Zoo Parent to support cat care, animal enrichment and conservation programs at the BioPark.

    Links and resources

    Learn more about big cats from National Geographic.

    Big cat preservation initiatives at the Wildlife Conservation Society.


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