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Welcome Elephant Calf!

Rozie gave birth to a healthy female calf on October 2, 2013.

It's a girl! Rozie, a 20-year-old Asian elephant, welcomed her second calf, Jazmine, at 12:37 a.m. on Oct. 2, 2013.

Jazmine is the third Asian elephant calf to be born in New Mexico. Rozie was the first calf born at the Zoo to mother Alice in 1992. Rozie gave birth to Daizy, now 4 years old, in 2009. The multi-generational herd is thriving.

Preparing for Birth

Since elephants have a variable gestation period, zookeepers think about a "birth window" instead of a due date. Rozie's birth window was August - November 2013.

How did the Zoo prepare?

  • Keepers suspected the calf would come in mid-September based on the length of Rozie's first pregnancy.
  • Around-the-clock visual monitoring started on Aug. 11. Dozens of BioPark staff and Education volunteers took shifts during "Birth Watch."
  • TriCore Reference Laboratories logoDaily serum samples went to TriCore Reference Laboratories, where they measured Rozie's progesterone level. When progesterone drops to baseline and stays there, zookeepers have a good indication that the calf will arrive within a few days. Thank you to TriCore for their sponsorship of this testing!

How did Rozie prepare for birth?

  • Rozie received regular check-ups from the veterinary team. Blood draws and ultrasounds were two ways they monitored the developing fetus and Rozie's health.
  • Zookeepers fed Rozie (and all the elephants) a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, browse and hay.
  • Rozie exercised every day as she moved between yards, searched for enrichment and did "pilates" with keepers. Just as it does for humans, exercise keeps her fit and limber and helped her have a successful pregnancy and birth.