ABQ BioPark creating a gorilla "bachelor pad"

Gorillas exhibit banner

We are raising funds to build a new year-round play room "bachelor pad" for our three adolescent male gorillas.

This will be a swinging pad equipped to handle the rough and tumble play of Mashudu and Jack, both age 10, and Hasani, age 6, all of whom, in gorilla years, are entering adolescence.

  • 720 square feet.
  • Located in the back of the gorilla holding area.
  • Special meshed area where keepers can do training.
  • Suspended hoses and hammocks for playing and resting.
  • Construction anticipated to begin this fall.

"The boys are becoming rambunctious, challenging each other, wrestling and tussling," said Lynn Tupa, Zoo Manager. "The older females don’t like the rough play, so we’re putting the boys in their own space."

While its main purpose will be as a bachelor room, Tupa said that they will also use it as a playroom for other gorillas, depending on the moods and activities of the group on any given day. “There will also be a large viewing window so that the public can watch as we train the gorillas,” said Tupa. The window will also provide a view of the apes during the cold winter months, when they go "behind scenes" for warmth.

You can also donate to the New Mexico BioPark Society to support this needed addition!