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Chopper's 1st Birthday

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Chopper turns 1-year-old.

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Visit the White Rhino exhibit to celebrate Chopper's birthday on October 30.


This event has already happened.
Oct 30, 2013
10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


903 Tenth SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Happy birthday, Chopper! Help wish Chopper the white rhino a happy first birthday by visiting discovery stations and talking to zookeepers during a special Q&A session.

Interview with Chopper's Spokesperson

The New Mexico BioPark Society interviewed Chaz Moxley, primary rhino keeper, for a few insider stories.

  • Born: 10/30/12
  • Place of Birth: White Oak Conservation Center, Yulee, Florida
  • Arrived at the BioPark: 11/14/12

What was Chopper like as a baby?

He was basically an infant when he arrived here at two weeks old and didn’t always have control over how his body moved. Sometimes he would run, run, run as much as he could, then get super cranky and pass out for a nap, just like a human toddler.

How has he changed?

He’s past the toddler stage and is learning to be a rhino. He now spars (typical rhino behavior) more adeptly with his exhibit mate Bertha, age 28.

What’s his favorite activity?

He enjoys a good mud wallow. Also, he’ll spar with a cardboard box—balancing it on his horn or getting it halfway onto his head and then walking around that way for a while. He loves it.

What makes Chopper so popular?

He’s a great ambassador. People didn’t know what to expect when he first got here and they saw this 500 pound animal still acting like a baby. Watching that kind of stuff took away the mystery and brought rhinos into a much clearer light.

To be entered for a chance to win a behind-the-scenes visit with Chopper and the other rhinos, 'Like' the New Mexico BioPark Society on Facebook. They will draw the winner once they reach 5,000 fans!


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