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Zoo to Hold Shower for Baby Elephant

Gifts will benefit entire ABQ BioPark elephant herd.
June 9, 2018 - The New Mexico BioPark Society will host a baby shower for Thorn, the ABQ BioPark's newborn Asian elephant, from 2-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

Party-goers will have the chance to tour the new elephant herd building, chat with zookeepers, make enrichment for the elephants, sample snacks and sweets, and watch special elephant demos including a splash time "shower" for baby Thorn.

To attend, guests are asked to donate money to the elephants or purchase a registry gift at Donors will receive one baby shower ticket for every $15 in contributions, with a maximum of 10 tickets per person.

Registry gifts for the elephant herd include saws, drills, loppers and buckets that will be used to create enrichment items, and puzzle feeders for the entire elephant family. Other gifts help the zookeepers care for the herd. Candy melters are used to soften coconut oil so it can be wrapped around pills. Laundry baskets are the perfect vessel for zookeepers to carry hay, veggies and other small items into the 5.5 acres of elephant yards.

"The ABQ BioPark has one of the most progressive elephant programs in the country, and we're proud to showcase its successes," said Rhonda Saiers, ABQ BioPark elephant manager. "This party celebrates baby Thorn as well as the public that so generously supports the BioPark's animals and caretakers."

Thorn was born on May 4, 2018, and is Rozie's third calf. Asian elephants are endangered, and the BioPark's breeding program is just one of the many ways to help protect this species. Baby shower attendees will learn how our community's actions matter to Asian elephants in Albuquerque and in the wild.