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Zoo Music: Meet Grace Kelly

And check out Zoo Music, starting June 9.

Saxophonist, singer and composer Grace Kelly kicks of the 2017 Zoo Music series June 9. We caught up with Grace during her European tour to get to know her a little better.

BioPark: Have you ever been to Albuquerque before? If not, anything you’re excited to check out while in town?

Grace: I have been to Albuquerque before - we've played at the "Outpost" club in the past but never to the ABQ BioPark Zoo. :) Last time we were there we made a few stops of landmarks from the TV show "Breaking Bad." We have some big fans in the band!

BioPark: What is your favorite zoo animal?

Grace: Monkeys!! I think the most obscure zoo I've been to in the past was hanging with lemurs at the Madagascar Lemur Park! I've heard your ABQ BioPark Zoo is phenomenal. I can't wait to see all the animals! I'm a HUGE animal lover!!

BioPark: We noticed a dog in your video. What’s his/her name and do you have any other pets?

Grace: Ha! His name is Asher! He loves people, the camera and usually goes on tour with me! He spends a lot of time in the van and dressing room. :)

BioPark: You seem like a fun gal. What can fans expect during your concert at the ABQ BioPark?

Grace: We're going to bring the fun to all of you! My shows are very dynamic with a wide range of music from my original compositions to contemporary songs including "Gracified" rearrangements of Coldplay And Sia Songs. I love getting the audience singing and grooving with us. The music is for everyone and I call my type of music "Jazz and beyond." It's not just for jazz fans, its for music fans!

I'm so excited to see you all soon!

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