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Upgrades to Reptile Buildings

Crocodile building, reptile house get new, improved looks.

06/28/2017 - Construction projects are well underway at the ABQ BioPark Zoo and visitors can now enjoy the park’s newest exhibit upgrade—reptiles.

The reptile and crocodiles buildings both recently received cosmetic makeovers to enhance visitor experience.

“These improvements have greatly enhanced the zoo visitor experience and the interactive graphics are educating while also entertaining our guests,” said Richard Reams, ABQ BioPark curator of reptiles.

Improvements to Reptiles Building

  • An interactive dinosaur experience across from Komodo dragons
  • Updated digital signage and educational posters
  • A special interactive educational game
  • New paint, lighting, flooring and doors

Improvements to Crocodile Building

  • New and improved signage
  • A fun, comic book inspired crocodile that greets guests upon entry
  • New paint, lighting and flooring

In addition, other recently renovated habitats at the Zoo include jaguars and tigers. A completely new habitat was created for male jaguar Manchas, and female jaguar Maya was given access to Manchas’ old home, which doubled her own habitat space. Manchas’ new home is 4,975-square feet, is open-air mesh, contains trees and platforms to encourage jumping behaviors and larger pool. The tiger exhibit, home to new Zoo resident Penari the Malayan tiger, has more natural landscaping, a platform to encourage jumping behavior and a jungle mural.

The ABQ BioPark invites guests to experience all the park’s new upgrades and will open the highly anticipated Penguin Chill exhibit in 2018.

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