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Three Pregnant Giraffes at the Zoo

ABQ BioPark will welcome several new giraffes in upcoming months.

05/02/2017 - The ABQ BioPark Zoo has three expectant giraffe mothers - Camilla, June and Naira. 

Giraffes have a 15 month gestation window, and the new calves could arrive starting in mid-May and into October. 

June is the most experienced mother of the three. She's already welcomed eight babies, including 2-year-old Kumi, who lives at the ABQ BioPark. 

Both Camilla and Naira were around for Kumi's birth in 2015, so they've benefited from watching experienced mother June give birth and raise a calf. Staff will watch the two closely since they don't have June's parenting experience.

"We are very excited to welcome more members to our giraffe herd," said Paul Huang, ABQ BioPark senior zookeeper. "We are monitoring their health closely and hoping for the best."

Buccaneer is the father. He has previously sired five calves, including Kumi.