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Photo of the Week: Happy Hippo Holidays


I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Posted December 24, 2013. Photo courtesy of ABQ BioPark.

Gayla Peevey’s 1950s classic I want a hippopotamus for Christmas continues to be a holiday favorite. For everyone not receiving a hippo for Christmas this year, the ABQ BioPark welcomes you to visit Moe, Karen and Boopie. The three can be seen in the Africa section of the Zoo, and sometimes visitors catch them bobbing for lettuce. (The BioPark is closed on December 25 and January 1, but is otherwise open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Hippopotamuses (Hippopotamus amphibius) are the third largest land animals. Hippos live in groups known as ‘pods’ or ‘bloats’. Although they spend 16 hours a day submerged in water, hippos cannot swim. Instead, they walk gracefully along the riverbed and occasionally push themselves up for air.

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