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Photo of the Week: Common Coqui

A common frog helps raise awareness for its extinct and endangered cousins.

Posted April 17, 2014. Photo by Jen Stabile, Senior Zookeeper at the ABQ BioPark.

A father frog stands guard as more than a dozen tiny froglets emerge from the egg mass behind him. Common coquis (Eleutherodactylus coqui) and other coqui species go through their tadpole stage inside the egg and hatch ready to hop.

Calls of the coqui fill the night air in Puerto Rico (listen). The frog has become a symbol of the island country, much like our bald eagle. While the common coqui are common, three coqui species are extinct and eleven species are endangered.

The BioPark cares for common coquis and the only captive population of the extremely rare Mona Island coqui, which bred successfully last fall. Join us on April 26 for our Earth Day celebration to visit the growing coquis in Amphibians: Life on a Limb and learn how our actions matter for frogs and all animals.

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