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Photo of the Week: Chimpanzee

Curious primates enjoy learning and enrichment treats.

Posted April 10, 2014. Photo by Katie Mast/ABQ BioPark.

Chimpanzees are naturally curious, resourceful and inventive animals, eager to explore new objects and able to make tools. At the BioPark, our chimps show excitement around new people, explore unfamiliar items with enthusiasm, and even notice when the keepers get new haircuts or change nail polish. To help nurture this curiosity, BioPark keepers regularly give animals enrichment. During the holidays, they receive extra-special, seasonally themed items. On April 20, you can see animals discover their Easter treats.

A lot of what we know about chimpanzees in the wild comes from the work and research of Dr. Jane Goodall. At age 26, with a notebook, binoculars and very little scientific training, Goodall traveled to eastern Africa and gained the trust of the chimps in the Gombe Preserve in Tanzania. Her observations ignited international fascination with the animals, and she later became a leading voice for conservation. Dr. Goodall turned 80 last week, and continues to travel and speak on behalf of the world’s endangered species.

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