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New Zoo Baby

ABQ BioPark welcomes new klipspringer calf.

The ABQ BioPark Zoo welcomed a newborn klipspringer on Aug. 19.

The father is Pogo and the mother is Raisin, both 3 years old. The two are first-time parents.

"Our BioPark family is so excited to welcome this new addition," said Tammy Schmidt, ABQ BioPark Curator of Mammals. "It's a healthy boy, and mom and dad are doing an excellent job."

Schmidt also said the new klipspringer is moving around the habitat and growing quickly.

Klipspringers are native to eastern and southern Africa, where they dwell in rocky, mountainous terrain and are the ultimate "tiptoers." Klip is Dutch for rock, so klipspringer roughly translates to "a rock-jumper." 

The klipspringer stands on the very tips of its almost circular hooves, which are each about the diameter of a dime. Its strong back legs can project the animal up a smooth wall, and they can jump onto a projection the size of a silver dollar with all four feet.