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May 2018 Newsletter

News, features, events and birthdays at the ABQ BioPark.

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May 2018
New Weedy Sea Dragons
These "floating habitats" are now at the Aquarium. Read more.
Guided Tours Added at the Garden
Learn more about the Japanese and Curandera gardens and Heritage Farm. Read more.
Upcoming events
May birthdays
05/01/11: Atlas, Mexican gray wolf
05/13/11: Penari, Malayan tiger
05/02/10: Luis, Mexican gray wolf
05/14/16: Bruno, black-and-white ruffed lemur
05/02/04: Tulivu, Western lowland gorilla
05/15/15: Genade, Hartmann's mountain zebra
05/03/01: Gaylord, Red River hog
05/16/90: Feisty, harbor seal
05/03/17: Finch and Cricket, black-and-white ruffed lemur
05/23/10: Nuit, black-and-white ruffed lemur
05/04/16: Ari, De Brazza's monkey
05/23/83: Sarah, Sumatran orangutan
05/11/01: Azeo, snow leopard
05/26/01: Mac, fossa
05/13/16: K'os, Navajo-churro sheep
05/30/95: Fifi, black howler monkey
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