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June 2018 Newsletter

News, features, events and birthdays at the ABQ BioPark.

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JUNE 2018
ABQ BioPark Returns to Abidjan
During the BioPark's fifth trip to the Ivory Coast, staff head out to the field. Read more.
Giraffes as Pollinators
Did you know that these tall herbivores can help pollinate trees? Read more.
Upcoming events
June birthdays
June 1, 2002: Savanna, serval
June 12, 2017: Jambazi, reticulated giraffe
June 1, 2008: Smilla, spotted hyena
June 13, 1976: Elaine, chimpanzee
June 9, 1994: June, reticulated giraffe
June 15, 2015: Jill, red kangaroo 
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