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Holiday Habitats for Wildlife

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Decorate your backyard for birds and other wildlife.

Holiday Habitats for Wildlife

Bird feasting on a holiday wildlife tree at the ABQ BioPark.

This holiday season, lure migrant and resident birds to your yard by adorning an evergreen or shrub with edible decorations. Pick a tree that you can see from your window, get cozy with hot cocoa and watch as your backyard holiday tree becomes a buffet for songbirds and chipmunks.

It's easy to make backyard holiday habitats for wildlife. Use your imagination and keep things natural and organic.

Make Your Own Holiday Tree for Wildlife

Download decorating ideas and recipes or read decorating tips and tricks below:

  • Pick a tree. Use an evergreen or shrub in your yard, preferably one near a window for best wildlife viewing.
  • Make hanging fruit ornaments. Slice apples and oranges, insert a string into each slice and tie a loop.
  • Make peanut butter and birdseed ornaments:
    • Roll pine cones in natural peanut butter and sprinkle birdseed on top.
    • Cut bread slices into special cookie cutter shapes, spread peanut butter and sprinkle birdseed on top.
    • Tie string to the pine cone and bread ornaments and hang on the tree.
  • String popcorn, cranberries and peanuts together to make pretty garlands around the tree.
  • Make bundles of grass with seed heads for extra delights.

Find more decorating tips in our 25 Ideas for a Greener Holiday list.

    Happy holidays from everyone at the BioPark!

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