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Have a Pint for Penguins

New penguin brews support New Mexico BioPark Society.

08/02/2017 - Have you tried the new Penguin Pale Ale and Penguin Lager at Rio Bravo Brewing Company, LLC? The brews, created earlier this year, benefit the ABQ BioPark because Rio Bravo is donating $1 from every purchase to the New Mexico BioPark Society! You can also taste the beer on-site at the ABQ BioPark.

"Give a little, take a little, pay it forward," said Rio Bravo co-owner Randy Baker in an interview with KOB news. "We're trying to help out as much as possible and this is one way to participate. Because who doesn't like beer?"

The brews are just in time for the construction of the ABQ BioPark’s new Penguin Chill exhibit, which is anticipated to open in 2018. The exhibit will house three species of penguins—king, macaroni and gentoo.

Other Ways You Can Help Penguins

There are 18 species of penguins in the world, some of which are critically endangered, but all penguins are on thin ice due to overfishing, changing ocean temperatures and pollution. To help combat this, the BioPark Society supports Sanccob and Dyer Island Conservation Trust, which protect penguins in the wild. To help, click this link and select Penguin Conservation.