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Guided Night Walks at the Botanic Garden

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Explore evening-blooming plants and wildlife at dusk

Guided Night Walks at the Botanic Garden

Photo courtesy Ray Watt/ABQ BioPark.

As the busy daytime noise and activity fades from the Botanic Garden, a community of nighttime animals begins to emerge. Join us for on next Botanic Garden Night Walk, July 22, where you can enjoy the quiet cooling of the evening and learn about the unique plant and animal interactions that happen after visitor hours. Pre-registration is required.

Throughout the day, the garden is full of animal activity, from bees collecting nectar, dragonflies hunting over the pond and songbirds teaching their young chicks to fly. As that community of animals checks in for the night, another community is just waking up.
Barn swallows and bats are some of the first dusk-loving animals to appear in the air as they hunt insects. At the pond, muskrats become active. Guests might see porcupines as they make their ways down from trees where they spend the day, or watch sphinx moths visit the night-blooming nicotina flowers.
“It’s fun to see the community shifting as one goes to sleep and the other wakes up,” says Tallie Segel, Education Coordinator. “At the end of the night, we’ll hang up a cloth with a light behind it to see what nocturnal insects, like moths and beetles, we can attract.”
Tuesday’s Botanic Garden Night Walk happens from 7:30 - 9 p.m. Pre-registration is required. Also be sure to experience the next Twilight Tour at the Zoo, happening July 29.
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