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Gorillas and chimps and orangutans - oh my!

Great Ape-ril events to focus on challenges facing mankind's closest relatives.

04/04/2017 - They're our closest relatives, but they're in danger of disappearing.

Discover the threats and challenges facing the world's great apes during Great Ape-ril activities from 10 a.m.-2p.m. on April 8, 16 and 29 at the ABQ BioPark Zoo.

Great apes include bonobos, orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and humans, and the ABQ BioPark is home to three species of great apes - common chimpanzees, Western lowland gorillas and Sumatran orangutans.

"Great apes are so important to our planet, but their populations are in danger," said Debbie Wiese, zookeeper supervisor at the ABQ BioPark. "During our Great Ape-ril events, attendees can learn more about these amazing animals and what they can do to help them survive in the wild."

Attendees can visit special discovery stations for chimpanzees on April 8 and for gorillas and orangutans on April 29. In addition to learning about conservation, attendees can also visit craft and enrichment making stations (gorillas and orangutans only). Keeper chats will occur at 1 p.m. with an enrichment toss to follow.

On April 16, visitors can chat with keepers to learn more about our animals and our conservation efforts. The event will occur in front of the siamang habitat. 

The ape department will be selling buttons, bracelets, food and drink on all three dates.  Proceeds go to an ape conservation fund.

Visitors can also say happy birthday to Pixel the orangutan, who turns four on April 26.