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BioPark Photo of the Week: Under the Sea

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Beautifully lit jellies from the Aquarium help inspire light sculptures for River of Lights.

Japanese Sea Nettle

Posted Dec. 5, 2012. Photo courtesy of Robert H. Dunn.

We decorate for the holidays, but nature has its own enchanting displays. Translucent sea jellies reflect light to create brilliant shows at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium.

With a bell up to two feet across and tentacles that stream 10-12 feet behind, the Japanese sea nettle (Chrysaora melanaster) is the largest jelly of the Arctic. Its sting is deadly to small prey, like fish, copepods, zooplankton and other jellies, and is painful but not deadly for humans.

At the Aquarium, the mysterious and beautiful jellies appear to glow as brightly as River of Lights. They even helped inspire the “Under the Sea” light sculptures shining nightly at the Botanic Garden during December.

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