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April 2018 Newsletter

News, features, events and birthdays at the ABQ BioPark.

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APRIL 2018
Fast Facts About Apes
The Great Ape-ril is upon us. Test your knowledge about great apes! Read more.
Greening Up at the ABQ BioPark
Earth Day is right around the corner. Here's how the ABQ BioPark is greening up. Read more.
Upcoming events
April birthdays
4/1/16: Clarence, Hartmann's mountain zebra
4/21/14: Kawi, Mexican gray wolf
4/5/17: Eerie, siamang
4/26/13: Pixel, Sumatran orangutan
4/6/90: Kirby and Darby, black-and-white ruffed lemur
4/27/11: Apache, Mexican gray wolf
4/15/09: Otto, common wombat
Conservation Corner
Penguins Feel the Heat
Climate change can disrupt their lives in complicated ways. Read more.
Wildlife Rescues in Costa Rica
Visit these sites next time you're on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. Read more.