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ABQ BioPark Welcomes Giraffe

New baby and mother doing well
10/24/2017 - The ABQ BioPark Zoo just welcomed another baby giraffe to the herd.

Camilla gave birth on Monday to a healthy female calf, Malika. Mother and baby are doing well.

"The ABQ BioPark is thrilled to welcome another healthy calf to the giraffe herd," said Erin Flynn, ABQ BioPark curator of mammals. "This is Camilla's first baby, but she was around for Kumi's birth in 2015 and Jambazzi's birth earlier this year. She has benefited from watching June, an experienced mother, give birth and rear her calves."
Buccaneer is the father. He has previously sired six calves, including males Jambazzi, who was born to mother June over the summer, and Kumi, born in 2015. Per the Species Survival Plan recommendations, Kumi moved to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Mich., last week to be paired with a female for breeding. 
Weather permitting, the newborn calf will have access to the exhibit yard. Visitors should be able to say hello to her starting today. 

MEDIA: Our animal staff is very busy with the newborn. However, if you would like SOT, staff will be available Tuesday, Oct. 24. The baby will have access to her yard and may be available for b-roll.  Please meet at the Zoo admissions office at the front of the zoo at 2 p.m. Assets are also available here. Additional images will be added as we can acquire them.