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ABQ BioPark Says Goodbye to Tracey the Chimpanzee

11/27/2017 - The ABQ BioPark is sad to announce the passing of Tracey, a 36-year-old chimpanzee, due to heart failure.

BioPark veterinary staff had been monitoring Tracey due to weight loss. She was found to be very weak on Friday and was sedated by staff. An ultrasound showed an enlarged, thickened heart and her condition was unresponsive to medications.

Tracey came to the BioPark in 2002 along with nine other chimpanzees from The Coulson Foundation, a New Mexico-based research facility that is now closed. The BioPark is proud to have provided Tracey with much better and more natural living conditions for the last 15 years of her life. She will be greatly missed by BioPark staff and visitors.