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ABQ BioPark Gears Up For Camp BioPark

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ABQ BioPark Gears Up For Camp BioPark

A camper in Explore the Zoo camp meets a rhino behind the scenes. Photo courtesy Natalie Sommer, ABQ BioPark

Camp BioPark begins in just two weeks and preparations are underway for a summer of fun and learning. Register today to give your child an amazing experience with plants and animals from across the globe. In addition, sign up to enter our online giveaway for a chance at a free week of the camp of your choice. (Deadline to enter is 4 p.m. MST on May 24, 2014.)

BioPark staff and community educators have an exciting summer planned, with unique hands-on learning opportunities, behind-the-scenes tours and creative science activities. For example, Wild Careers will get to watch elephant training and do ecological monitoring. Diggable Planet will join a curator in hands-on restoration work in the Botanic Garden’s newest exhibit. Many campers at the Zoo will get to feed lorikeets and giraffes. Eco Artist and Animal Art campers will learn what it takes to create the River of Lights holiday show and other sculptures around the BioPark.

“We have our most amazing, highly qualified group of teachers yet,” says Kathryn Venzor, BioPark Education Curator. “We have professional artists and curriculum developers, a former principle and teachers with decades of classroom experience. Some of our teachers hold degrees in ecology and environmental science, have worked as field researcher, and have worked with the US Forest Service or Fish and Wildlife Service.”

Half-day and full-day camps are available. Each week-long conservation camp is designed to engage students in hands-on learning about nature. Typical camp days include guided tours, indoor and outdoor activities, games, crafts and snack time (with lunch breaks for full-day camps). Students in grades 3 - 9 also experience a behind-the-scenes tour during the week.

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