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Celebrate Pollinators at the Botanic Garden on June 23


Learn about the little-known story of the birds and the bees.

Celebrate Pollinators at the Botanic Garden on June 23

A butterfly at work. Photo courtesy of Leann Denman.

June 20, 2013

Pollinators are positively puzzling. How do birds, bats, bees, butterflies and other animals produce one out of every three bites of food we eat? Find out at the Botanic Garden's Pollinator Celebration on Sunday, June 23. Enjoy discovery stations and talk to science experts from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joins the celebration and Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm is bringing a monarch butterfly display.

Virtually all seed plants need to be pollinated, including most crop plants. From slugs to lemurs, pollinators help humans grow $20 billion worth of food crops each year.

"At the Botanic Garden, you can watch butterflies and bees visit flowers for nectar, fortuitously gather pollen and transfer it to the next plant" said Tallie Segel, Education Coordinator. "Plants and pollinators couldn't exist without each other. It's important to learn how to protect insects and other animals so this partnership can continue."

Pollinators play a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Flora, fauna and humans all rely on the work of pollinators. Learn how planting gardens, building bee boxes and creating other pollinator-friendly habitat help protect this delicate community. The Botanic Garden event is included with regular admission.

The Pollinator Celebration is held each year during National Pollinator Week. The campaign is gaining international support as it raises awareness about the valuable services of pollinating animals across the globe. The Open Space Visitor Center is also celebrating pollinators this week with an event on Saturday, June 22 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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