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Butterfly Pavilion Closing for the Season on October 13


Enjoy the last week for butterflies and first week for creepy crawlies at the Botanic Garden.

Butterfly Pavilion Closing for the Season on October 13

A group of butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Oct. 4, 2013

With the arrival of balloonists and cool temperatures of fall, it is time for the Botanic Garden’s PNM Butterfly Pavilion to close for the season. The Pavilion closes on Oct. 13, so you have one more week to catch the fluttering beauties. (VIDEO)

Although some species migrate or hibernate in winter, most butterflies’ lifespans only extend into late fall. The butterflies lay eggs capable of surviving the frost. When spring comes, new caterpillars emerge, ready to become butterflies.

“Our butterflies are shipped to a year-round facility,” said Ralph Charlton, BioPark Curator of Invertebrates. “We have a major catching party and send them to other facilities to be cared for during the winter.”

If you want to enjoy insects after fall arrives, visit the Creeping, Crawling & Carnivorous show and see giant walking sticks, scorpions, naked mole rats and more. This year’s show will give guests a peek into the future BUGarium. Each display will provide samples of a larger exhibit, including aquatic, nocturnal and desert invertebrates.

The PNM Butterfly Pavilion and Creeping, Crawling and Carnivorous Show are included with regular admission.

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