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Botanic Garden Celebrates National Quilting Day


“Our Quilt Show” is featured in the Showroom and Heritage Farmhouse on March 15.

Botanic Garden Celebrates National Quilting Day

Quilts from “A Tiny Quilt Show,” the theme for last year’s National Quilt Day celebration. Photo by Tallie Segel/ABQ BioPark.

March 10, 2014

Various patterns and stitches of quilting have been handed down for generations, but quilts aren’t all just bedspreads and wall hangings. During the 23rd Annual National Quilting Day Celebration, enjoy old patterns like the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden, and more unusual creations like delicately stitched aprons, quilted flowers and animals, and a clothesline of miniature work. Quilting demonstrators, including the Heritage Farm Quilters, will display some of their favorite pieces at the Botanic Garden’s Showroom and Farmhouse on March 15, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For more than six years, the Heritage Farm Quilters have gathered each month at the Botanic Garden’s Heritage Farmhouse to stitch colorful cloth into beautiful works of art, share patterns and tell stories.

“Traditionally, quilting bees were places to gather, socialize, tell stories, and seek out help on quilts and on life,” says Tallie Segel, Botanic Garden Education Coordinator. In today’s hyper-connected world, they still hold a similar role. “The Heritage Farm Quilters are friends and teachers to each other. And they are always happy to teach Botanic Garden visitors, too.”

During the past year, the quilters have been working together to complete the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt as well as creating individual pieces. Enjoy the display on National Quilt Day, and visit the Heritage Farmhouse each month for demonstrations.

National Quilting Day is included with regular admission. For more information about the exhibition, call 505-848-7180.

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