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Taste of the Wild Catering

Catering table

Taste of the Wild Catering offers an extensive menu of selections.  From hors d'oeuvres to all-you-can-eat buffets to formal dinners, there are selections to please every palate and budget.

Host or no-host, full bar or beer and wine, beverage service is also available.

Sustainable Menus

The ABQ BioPark and Taste of the Wild are committed to protecting our natural world.  We use packaging with recycled content and biodegradable tableware. We strive to eliminate unnecessary paper and packaging. Recycling bins are provided at all events.

Local Food

We use local, organic and sustainable products wherever and whenever possible. Our local initiatives support regional farmers and reduce fossil fuel consumption. We also believe fresh local food tastes better.


All seafood served comes from sustainable fish stocks and is caught legally and responsibly.

Our catering menu is well stocked with sustainably farmed or harvested items such as salmon, trout, turtle-safe shrimp and more.

We do not serve swordfish, Atlantic bluefin tuna, Atlantic sea scallops, American lobster, shark or any other seafood that is caught or farmed in environmentally harmful ways.

Available Packages

For more information, please email our Catering Coordinator or call (505) 848-7123.