School Field Trips

Introduce your students to a World of Wonder at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.

The Balloon Museum offers docent-led field trips upon request. If interesting in a Learning Activity in addition to a docent led tour, Museum Educators will discuss with you how best to customize the activity to match your area of study and curriculum needs.

A field trip to the Balloon Museum may include:

  • A 30-60 minute docent-led tour.
  • An indoor or outdoor space to eat a lunch that you provide.
  • A 30-60 minute Learning activity taught by Museum Educators in the Balloon Museum classroom.

Learning Activity Fees:

  • $35 for one group not to exceed 30 participants
  • $50 for one group not to exceed 60 participants
  • The fee is not included as a part of the Flying Bus Program. Limited scholarships available. Fees are payable by check, cash or credit card at the ticket window on the day of field trip.

Maximum group size is limited to 60 participants. Limited scholarships available. Payable by check, cash or credit card at the ticket window day of field trip.

Scheduling Your Field Trip

Discover the WOW (World Of Wonder) by scheduling a field trip to the Balloon Museum.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Come to the Balloon Museum for Stories in the Sky on Wednesdays 9:30-10:15am. Free. Stories, songs, games, crafts. A different story and activity every week.

You may explore Balloon Museum after Stories in the Sky. If bringing 10 or more students, please email Laurie Magovern at [email protected]

1st-12th grades - A 30-60 minute docent-led tour plus

Additional options:

  • A 30-60 minute Learning Activity with Museum Educators
  • Eat your own lunch at the Museum, 30 minutes
  • On your own exploring, 30-60 minutes

Outreach events to your school or class may be scheduled on an individual basis with our educators. Please email Emily Greenwood ([email protected]) to arrange.

Preparing for Your Field Trip

To make your visit memorable and enjoyable we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Provide one adult chaperone for every seven students.
  • Teachers and adults must stay with the group at all times and are responsible for maintaining discipline. Meet with your chaperons and discuss their responsibilities and your expectation before your arrival.
  • To protect the Balloon Museum's artifacts and exhibitions we ask that you discuss in advance Museum Etiquette. Museum Etiquette includes walking, rather than running inside the Museum; inside voices; following directions; and respectful, gentle use of hands-on displays.
  • Make and wear legible name tags with first names.
  • Arrive on time and assemble your group before entering the Museum. Arriving late will necessitate a shortened visit as the Museum docents and educators are scheduled to work with your group at appointed times.
  • Respect other visitors by staying with your group and talking quietly.
  • No food, beverages, gum or candy is allowed in an exhibition area.

Groups that have made arrangements to bring a sack lunch are asked to place them in storage containers that will be taken to the eating area upon your arrival.

Connect to Your Curriculum

  • History - local & international
  • Art - folk & visual
  • Cultural - ballooning & world
  • Science - flight & weather
  • Sport - competition & adventure

Our Museum Educators will be happy to assist you to find curriculum connections.

Example Learning Activity Themes

  • Taught by Museum Educators.
  • 30-60 minutes based on grade level and needs of the group.
  • Please schedule in advance, when reserving field trip.

Art and Ballooning: Beautiful hands-on art projects.

Watching Weather: Discover and experiment with basic weather factors that impact ballooning.

We Are a Balloon Crew: Explore parts of a hot-air balloon. Work together like a Balloon Crew to understand how a hot air balloon works.

Map Detectives: Discover the secret code of maps. Investigate different kinds of maps and their use by balloonists.

Plan a Balloon Expedition: Imagine a 3 day trip in a Gas Balloon. How would you plan? What do you need? What skills do you call on? What must you leave behind? How do you steer? Can you get to your destination when you meet unexpected obstacles?

Stories in the Sky: Early literacy stories, games, and songs about flight and adventure for the youngest visitors. May be scheduled with a PreK-3rd grade tour.