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New & Special Exhibitions

Arctic Air: The Bold Flight of S.A. Andrée

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Arctic Air tells the dramatic story of a first-ever attempt to reach the North Pole by balloon. The 1897 expedition used the best and most innovative technology of the time, and was intended to achieve the goal eluded by all other expeditions. Journals of the three crew members, as well as photographs taken on the journey, tell a detailed story of this all-but-forgotten chapter of the Age of Exploration.

The Weather Lab

Coming Soon!


The Weather Lab will be a permanent, immersive, and interactive learning experience. Students and other visitors will enter an enclosed exhibition space that explains weather beginning with the sun, then moving through wind, clouds, storms, and the Albuquerque “Box.” A range of other topics are also presented within The Weather Lab. These focus on seasons, topography, front/pressure systems, and atmospheric levels, among others.