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Balloon Museum Pod Racing

FPV Drone Racing and More!

Where Excitement, Innovation, and Achievement Meet!

In cooperation with Southwest Pod Racing (SWPR), the Balloon Museum is pleased to present Balloon Museum Pod Racing, New Mexico's only FPV drone racing series. Visit our Events Calendar for upcoming race dates. General public spectator admission to BMPR is included with payment of your museum admission fee. Attend for free by becoming a member of the Balloon Museum!

  • Pilots, Click Here to read BMPR Racing Rules
  • To provide input or ask questions about the Rules, please email Linda Hubley, Balloon Museum Operations and Events Supervisor, [email protected]
  • Click Here to view BMPR spotlight video

About Balloon Museum Pod Racing

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At the Balloon Museum, our mission is to inspire a spirit of exploration, discovery, and achievement through experiences about ballooning and other innovative forms of flight.

Balloons were the first unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Today, the newest UAVs are drones, and they are rapidly becoming indispensable in many professions and industries, creating a demand for qualified pilots and technicians. They also show many promising opportunities to combine their use with other forms of aviation, such as balloons and airships, in order to solve technological problems or advance science and commerce. 

One aspect of this emerging form of aviation is First-Person-View (FPV) drone racing. In a few short years, it has become a worldwide air sport, one that is highly competitive and thrilling to watch.

In FPV drone racing, pilots fly quad-copters through gates and around flags or other obstacles at high speed. The drones are agile and fast, and pilots steer them by wearing FPV goggles that display a live video image transmitted from the drone itself.

Through Balloon Museum Pod Racing (BMPR), spectators are now able to experience it in Albuquerque on the spacious and scenic grounds of the Balloon Museum! BMPR events include racing, live video feeds, hands-on simulators, educational demonstrations, entry to the museum's exhibitions, and much more!

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Mark Your Calendars

2019 Race Schedule

  • BMPR IX -- Sunday, March 10, 1:00 - 4:00 PM - In the books!
  • BMPR X -- Saturday, April 20, 1:00 - 4:00 PM - In the books!
  • BMPR XI "Indoor Tiny Whoop Race!" - In the books!
  • BMPR XII -- Sunday, July 21, 1:00 - 4:00 PM - In the books!
  • BMPR XIII -- Sunday, August 18, 1:00 - 4:00 PM - In the books!
  • BMPR XIV -- Saturday, September 7, Hours 5 - 9 PM "Indoor Tiny Whoop Race!"
  • BMPR XV -- Friday, October 25, 4:00 - 8:00 PM - Fright Night Flight Race!

Racers: Pod Pass Offers Great Benefits

The BMPR Pod Pass provides racers with great benefits and discounts, and enrollment fees also help to directly fund the BMPR series. Your support is greatly appreciated!

For an annual fee of $80 per person, Pod Pass holders receive:

  • Free practice sessions and rallies at the Balloon Museum. Currently, these dates are weekly, Tuesday through Friday, and on Sundays. Please note, some of these dates are subject to cancellation due to museum events. Without a Pod Pass, regular museum admission fees must be paid upon entry for practice and rally dates.
  • Recreation-Class Competitions. Not ready to compete in BMPR? A Pod Pass gains you entry to Recreation-Class Races at the Balloon Museum. Fly alongside others at your level. Develop your skills and confidence to enter regular BMPR races.
  • Free admission to the museum for up to two of your guests at practices and races.
  • Discounted registration fees for BMPR races. Paid upon check-in on BMPR race days, your registration fee will be discounted. Look for rates and discounts when registering in advance for a specific race.
  • Souvenir BMPR T-shirt. Receive an official BMPR t-shirt in your choice of size.
  • Acknowledgement of your Support. In each BMPR program, you will be listed as someone who makes this series possible. Thank you from all of us at SWPR and the Balloon Museum!
  • Yes, sign me up! Purchase your Pod Pass in person at the Balloon Museum's ticket booth during regular museum hours or at check in on race days.

Racers: AMA Membership Required

Drone Racers

The Balloon Museum requires any drone pilot flying on museum grounds (for practice and racing) to have an Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership (AMA) to ensure you and your fellow pilots have a mutual respect for safety, and are covered by AMA member insurance.

Click here to join the AMA. "Park Pilot" is the minimum level required. Your AMA membership card will need to be presented to museum staff or race officials on site in order for us to permit you to fly. Thank you for your cooperation.

BMPR Sponsors and Sponsor Opportunities

Join us in bringing this air sport to Albuquerque while increasing your company's brand recognition and public awareness of your community support through a variety of event sponsor opportunities.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of BMPR:



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