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Picture This! Podcast

Take a deep dive into the stories behind some of our most enigmatic images in the photo archives collection. Digital Archivist Jill Hartke narrates.


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Picture This Ep1
Van Tassel Balloon Launch

Today we go on a balloon ride with saloon-keeper Park Van Tassel as we look at the photograph of his historic launch from what was then downtown Albuquerque—way back in 1882.

Picture This Ep2
Dawson, New Mexico

Today we are digging into New Mexico mining history. Dawson, New Mexico, located southwest of Raton in Colfax County, was a vibrant mining town in the early 1900s. The area of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado was an important region for coal mining companies. Immigrant miners flocked to the area. 

Picture This Ep3
Lovelace Astronaut Program

Today we are taking a look at Albuquerque’s place in the history of spaceflight and what it took to become one of the first NASA astronauts. In the Photo Archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph showing two candidates for NASA’s Mercury Program wearing space suits and standing outside of a room at Lovelace Clinic.

Picture This Ep4
Coming Soon

Thank you for joining us for Picture This! from the Albuquerque Museum! Join us next time for the story behind another photograph in the Museum’s collection.