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Albuquerque History: A Reading List

Dive into books outlining the long history of Albuquerque.

These books are available at the Albuquerque Public Library.  For availability, check the library catalog at, or call the Main Library at (505) 768-5141. This 2008 list is updated from the Albuquerque History Resources Guide prepared by the Albuquerque Museum.

Books to Start With

  • Albuquerque : a Guide to its Geology and Culture. Paul W. Bauer. New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, 2003. Scenic trip series ; no. 18. 557.89 Albuquerque 2003
    A well-illustrated summary of Albuquerque's history and physical setting.
  • Early Albuquerque : a Photographic History, l870-l9l8. Edited by Byron A. Johnson with Robert K. Dauner. Albuquerque Journal, 1981. 978.961 Early Photographs and information on every aspect of community life in our city's formative period.
  • Albuquerque: a Narrative History. Simmons, Marc. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1982. 978.961 Simmons The most comprehensive history of our city, from the beginning through 1980.
  • Albuquerque : Feliz Cumpleaños! : Three Centuries to Remember. Nasario García with Richard McCord. La Herencia, 2005. 978.961 Garcia An excellent introduction to Albuquerque history, with many short illustrated biographies of prominent Albuquerqueans.

Books to Continue With

  • Balloons to Bombers : Aviation in Albuquerque, 1882-1945. Alberts, Don E. Albuquerque Museum, 1987. 629.1309 A334
  • Albuquerque's Environmental Story : Toward a Sustainable Community. Joan and Hy Rosner, 3rd ed. Albuquerque Conservation Association, 1996. 917.8961 Albuquerque's 1996
  • A Boy's Albuquerque, 1898-1912. Balcomb, Kenneth C. Published in cooperation with the Albuquerque Historical Society by the University of New Mexico Press, 1980. 978.961 Balcomb
    A youthful memoir of growing up in pre-Statehood Albuquerque.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; resources and research collections : a guide to selected published materials and archival resources. By Jan Dodson Barnhart.
  • Albuquerque, Legacy Media, Inc., 2006. 978.961 Barnhart
  • Making the Most of It : Public Works in Albuquerque during the Great Depression, 1929-1942. Biebel, Charles D. Albuquerque Museum, 1986. 978.961 Biebel
  • Albuquerque Remembered. Bryan, Howard. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 2006. 978.961 Bryan An anecdotal history by the longtime Tribune history columnist.
  • *Italians in Albuquerque. Ciotola, Nicholas P. Arcadia, 2002. 978.902 Ciotola
  • Albuquerque : portrait of a western city : many cultures & opportunities. Edited by Mary Kay Cline. Santa Fe, N.M., Clear Light Pub., 2006. 978.961 Albuquerque
  • Historic Albuquerque today : an overview survey of historic buildings and districts. Dewitt, Susan. Historic Landmarks Survey of Albuquerque, 1978. 978.961 Dewitt
  • Albuquerque. Fergusson, Erna. Drawings by Li Browne. M. Armitage, 1947. 978.961 Fergusson. Stories and observations about Albuquerque history by our First Lady of Letters.
  • Albuquerque : 100 Years in Pictures. Fitzpatrick, George and Harvey Caplin. 2nd ed. Modern Press, 1976. 978.961 Fitzpatrick 1976.
  • Historic photos of Albuquerque. Text and captions by Sandra Fye. Nashville, Tenn.: Turner Pub. Co., 2007. 978.961 Fye
  • Old Town, Albuquerque. Hertzog, Peter. Press of the Territorian, 1962. Sunstone Press, 1976. 978.961 Hertzog
  • Albuquerque in Our Time; 30 Voices, 300 Years. Hughes, Debra. Museum of New Mexico Press, 2006. 978.961 Hughes
  • Only in New Mexico: an Architectural History of the University of New Mexico : the First Century, 1889-1989. Hooker, Van Dorn; with Melissa Howard and V.B. Price. University of New Mexico Press, 2000. 727.30978961 Hooker
  • Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico: a Guide to its History and Architecture. Johnson, Byron A.; Robert K. Dauner, photoarchivist. Albuquerque Museum, 1980. 917.8961 Johnson
  • Memoirs, 1892-1969 : a New Mexico Item. Keleher, William Aloysius. Rydal, 1969. Biography Keleher. The boyhood and career of a prominent attorney and political figure.
  • Historic Albuquerque: an illustrated history. By Carleen Lazzell & Melissa Payne. San Antonio, Tex.: Historical Pub. Network, c2007. "Commissioned by the Albuquerque Conservation Association." 978.961 Lazzell
  • State Fair! : the Biggest Show in New Mexico. McIntyre, Wade, 1995? 978.961 Mcintyre
  • Ernie Pyle in the American Southwest. Melzer, Richard. Sunstone Press, 1996. Biography Pyle
  • Aqui se comienza : a genealogical history of the founding families of La Villa de San Felipe de Alburquerque. Compiled by volunteer members of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Albuquerque, N.M. : New Mexico Genealogical Society, 2007. 978.961 Aqui
  • Albuquerque then & now. Mo Palmer. San Diego, Calif. Thunder Bay Press, 2006 978.961 Palmer Side-by-side photographs of Albuquerque scenes then and now.
  • Albuquerque : a City at the End of the World. Price, V. B. Photographs by Kirk Gittings. University of New Mexico Press, 2003. 720.978961 Price 2003 (2nd ed.), 720.9789 Price (1st ed.)
  • Philosophical observations about Albuquerque's natural and built environment.
  • Albuquerque Trivia. Authur and Cynthia Romero. Albuquerque, NM : Infinity Pub., 2007. 917.8961 Romero
  • Wonders of the Weavers/Maravillas de los tejedores: Nineteenth-century Río Grande Weavings from the Collection of the Albuquerque Museum. By Deborah C. Slaney; principal photographer, David Nufer. Albuquerque, N.M. The Albuquerque Museum, 2005. 746.1408997 Slaney
  • Don Fernando Duran y Chaves's Land and Legacy. Sanchez, Joseph P. Spanish Colonial Research Center, National Park Service, 1998. 978.961 Sanchez Atrisco Land Grant history.
  • Shining River, Precious Land : an Oral History of Albuquerque's North Valley. Sargeant, Kathryn and Mary Davis. Albuquerque Museum, 1986. 978.961 Sargeant
  • At the End of the Santa Fe Trail. Segale, Blandina. Milwaukee : Bruce Pub. Co., 1948. 1st UNM Press ed., 1999. 917.8 Segale Memoirs of a teaching nun who developed Albuquerque's parochial schools.
  • For Me, the Sun: the Autobiography of Roy A. Stamm, an Early Albuquerque Business Leader. Stamm, Roy A.; edited by James S. and Ann L. Carson. Albuquerque Museum, 1999. Biography Stamm